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Fair & Fix Price Policy

Customer Care is our Core Concern for Prosperity with Peace. To nurture this motto,we have adopted a "Fair & Fixed Price Policy" approach for finalization of business deals. Key features of the policy are given below:


  • It utilizes valuable TIME constructively and saves it for still better mutual benefits.
  • It increases & strengthens TRUSTWORTHINESS for smooth & result-oriented selling & buying process.
  • It helps to close sales with Mental Peace not with Mental Pieces.
  • It helps to retain harmonious relationship forever.


  • Right quality at right price will be available all the time.
  • Consistency, Continuity, Cooperation and Credibility are an additional advantage.
  • Transparency and Fair dealings ensures a strong base business growth.
  • Calm & Cool working style will save mental energy on both sides, and thus, our mutual relationship will be more fruitful.


  • Our Product prices are fixed as per quality & competitive market.
  • “WIN-WIN” business position for both sides are implemented.
  • Prices will be reviewed & revised as per requirement.
  • Your free and frank opinion will be a constructive FEEDBACK for us.
  • Your co-operation and support is required for successful implementation of our “Fair & Fixed Price Policy”